Advanced, intelligent and integrated security solutions
Securing buildings, businesses and assets
Safe and secure
Advanced and cost-effective solutions
Designed for high returns on your capital

Highly adaptable integrated technology
To protect your capital along with the growth and development of your needs

Highest level of protection
Which can help identify and prevent threats and financial and operational risks

Securing buildings, businesses and assets
In today’s unpredictable world, the ability to identify, understand, and meet security-protection needs is especially important, especially for businesses that seek to protect their personnel, buildings, and assets, and to minimize any potential disruption to their core business. Bring them. Security is also important for homeowners who want to protect their homes and property.

Honeywell protection systems for all needs
Honeywell’s constant emphasis on customer priority means that we have developed a diverse range of protection solutions to meet different business and personal needs. All of these solutions are designed for your comfort and safety: Honeywell solutions are easy to use as well as very safe and cost effective.

Honeywell Access Control Systems
Honeywell is a leader and developer of access control solutions. Honeywell products range from access control and door control systems to standalone web access control systems and integrated systems capable of managing thousands of doors and alarms worldwide.

Honeywell Theft Strategies
Honeywell has been the pioneer of many developments in this field. Honeywell solutions use the latest technologies and use burglar alarms, control panels and motion sensors for integrated protection and door control systems. The solution also includes peripheral protection sensors (long range) and shock and shock sensors as well as glass break sensors.

Video Surveillance Systems – Honeywell CCTV
The reliability and integrity of Honeywell video surveillance systems and CCTV helps you to meet all your current and future security challenges with complete confidence. Honeywell’s solutions include IP and analog cameras, the ability to record digital and network movies, the ability to intelligently analyze video, and advanced image capture management systems. We use the latest digital video surveillance technology. Honeywell CCTV cameras offer exceptional image resolution, and surveillance systems allow easy transitions from analog to IP-based technology.

Remote Management Services
Honeywell remote management services allow customers to monitor, control and maintain operations from one or more different locations. Other notable benefits include:

24-hour support
Ability to service your security systems without face-to-face visits for added convenience
Ability to respond and monitor events more accurately, with minimal system failure

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