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Honeywell Morley

Fire Alarm

Protect your people, property, and assets with confidence. We’ll work with you to create a fire and life safety solution that’s right for your building.

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Honeywell Morley MAX


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Honeywell Morley ZXse


About UtfireSafety

World-class fire alarm control panels and detectors for quick detection and evacuation!
Installing fire alarm systems is critical work. It’s why we design some of the world’s most reliable, flexible and high-performance control panels and equipment – for easier, more effective installation. By choosing Morley IAS, you are assured of working with a company that has a well established reputation for quality products with first-class support.


  • morlry ias- dubai
    DXc Fire Alarm System Technically-advanced range of non-addressable and addressable fire detection and alarm systems with intelligent features for enhanced fire protection and ease of use.
    ZXSe Fire Alarm System The ZX range of 1, 2 or 5 loop modular, scalable intelligent fire alarm control panels reliably to protect all types of medium to large properties.
  • Honeywell Fire Alarm Morley max
    MORLEY Max Commission larger fire detection networks quicker, with the future-ready connected buildings tools and monitoring systems built into the Honeywell Morley Max series.
  • VEA combines VESDA reliability & early warning smoke detection with pinpoint addressability. VEA uses patented multi-channel microbore tubes & patented air-sampling points with three sensitivity settings


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Intelligent fire alarm systems

Versatile PA/VA

Public Address and Voice Alarm

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Meet fire threats with an integrated detect and response strategy

Fire protection begins with detection and response. We have experience equipping buildings of every size and complexity. We can scale solutions as your needs evolve by connecting, enhancing and automating life safety systems.
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